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Sri Kalikadevi Ammavaru

Sri Kalikadevi Ammavaru
neelikula daivam

Friday, December 12, 2008


The Neelis are the one of the community in Andhra Pradesh. They are spread all over the world, but have a visible tendency towards urbanization since the occupation of weaving and marketing cloth becomes easy from urban and semi-urban centers. This community produces cloth from cotton and animate yarn (silk).Caste communities involved in the leather and wool-based household industries - which perhaps have an older history than cloth weaving - have developed an integrated process of production of raw material and its conversion into commodities. But unlike them, the Neelis developed exclusively cloth-weaving skills. They produce cloth as a marketable commodity, without having any organic links or skills in the production of the raw material. The Neeli men have no expertise in ploughing and their women lack seeding and crop-cutting skills. Thus, their skill structure, over a period of time, became one-dimensional. By the time the British arrived, the Neelis were producing huge quantities of cloth and controlled a leading cottage industry of India.The cottage industry of India was actually in the leading position at the time of British rule.The introduction of the railways - starting 1853 - by the colonial British government helped penetrate the selfsufficient rural economy. With the forced introduction of machine manufactured goods, especially finished cotton goods from the factories of Birmingham (making use of advances from the Industrial Revolution) etc., from imperial Britain, the domestic textile industry suffered losses. Being an important node in the rural economy, the Neelis community also naturally felt the impact. Today, many urban Neelis have abandoned their ancestral profession and have diversified into other activities. One can see an increasing number of Neelis become engineers, doctors, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, advocates, IT professionals and also settled in trade and commerce etc....................................................


KSK said...

Come and join in Neeli kula sangam in ORKUT.


tekulapallyneeli said...


We are very proud to be hear about our community, and shall move our community in higher position and we work together to reach our goals

and by the by My name is Tekula Pally Neeli Vishweshwar staying at Hyderabad, Near IDPL Colony, Balangar, Hyderabad

Rachoti Ravi Kumar (NEELI CASTE) said...

hi guys i am ravi kumar, S/o. Late Rachoti Sudharashan my father was the vice president of Quthbullapur Municipality

Chinnikrishna said...
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Chinnikrishna said...
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